"Andy and Paulette have a wealth of practical knowledge based on God's word. They showed us how marriage was designed to work. Our experience with Andy and Paulette has shown us how to grow in Christ and through that growth be a better Christian, spouse and parent."

Joe and Linda

"God sent Andy and Paulette to us at a critical time. Through the Marriage Intensive facilitated by Andy and Paulette, we received marriage-saving triage while on the brink of separation. While we sought to have Christ at the center of our lives/marriage, pre-existing hurts and brokenness led to almost 10 years of misunderstanding, dysfunction, heartbreak, and ultimately a loss of hope in God’s goodness in our marriage. Andy and Paulette guided us through practical, relational tools coupled with compassionate and wise counsel that launched us into a transformative, new way of loving and caring for one another. We were not simply “restoring” a broken marriage, but completely re-generating it into something immeasurably more than could ask or imagine. One thing that was particularly impactful to us was Andy and Paulette's humility and knowledge of scripture. We affirm their unique gifting in helping couples not just in the midst of crisis, but in seeking something greater and more intimate in their marriage. While we acknowledge that fostering a healthy marriage will be a lifelong process and God has greater works in us to come, we feel incredibly thankful for Andy and Paulette’s walk with us during this time."

Scott and Chloe

"Not only did Andy and Paulette teach us biblical principles for marriage but simple ways to apply them daily, that we still do today!"

Brian and Pam

"We met Paulette and Andrew at a time when our marriage was in trouble. Communication was at a standstill, concern for one another almost nonexistent, and the anger/resentment we felt towards each other was holding us captive from making any progress towards the healing that we desperately needed. We knew that we needed help but did not know how or where to begin. With their help, support, and guidance, Paulette and Andrew helped us to bridge the gap that was between us. We learned how to get to the heart of our struggle and how to walk through our pain together, with love. This enabled and empowered us to stand together and work on getting back to loving one another first. With these tools we are now able to work through our hard times standing side by side. It's never a perfect life, but now we know how to find peace and resolution within the marriage struggles that are inevitable. Instead of feeling the constant frustration of unresolved pain, we have been taught how to work together towards a healthier, mutually fulfilling relationship."


"When we first met Andy and Paulette we were separated from 19 years of marriage. Multiple people suggested that divorce would be the best option. After 16 months of separation we were re-united with a completely different perspective on what God intended marriage to be. In the years since, God has faithfully restored all that the enemy has tried to destroy and under continued mentoring by Andy and Paulette, God continues to not only enrich our own marriage but has also given us opportunity to pass along what we have learned to others. We celebrate 29 years in August!"

Ron and Jean

"As you probably know all too well, there are those times in life where you need someone out of the ordinary. An advocate. Whether it was a unusual specialist who took on our specific health need or a teacher who stepped up to help with a child who was just not getting it to something simple as a special realtor who just took the time to find the house you really wanted. Those people pop up and change everything. We entered an incredibly traumatic season of our lives and were totally lost, reeling and out of sorts and then we met Andy and Paulette. The first 3 days were mind, life, marriage, theology, church-ology and friend-ology altering. Their calm, question based approach took us off our path of protection and fight and set us on a new course in "the compassionate care of Christ". As we have engaged so many things that we had never been taught growing up in the church, things that maybe weren't even "legal" to talk about in leadership circles, we centered, beat the statistics and are on track for vision again. We don't even like to think about what might have happened had we not found our "advocates" for this specific season of our lives. Thanks Andy and Paulette for those initial life changing sessions and all the FaceTime sessions from there! God's incredible gift is in you."


"Over the many years of our marriage, we spent a lot of money seeking help from other marriage counselors, but there was no change. Then God led us to Andy and Paulette, we now have a renewed commitment and passion in our marriage. We highly recommend their counseling or retreats to couples who are engaged, want to enhance their marriage or have a broken marriage."

Daniel and Dolores

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